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If you’re not sure when it’s time to replace your brakes, it’s safe to say you should ask a professional! Screeching sounds, excessive tapping and the need to apply extra pressure are a few signs it’s probably time to replace your brakes or brake pads. Even if you don’t notice any signs, an examination at your local Honda dealership can save you money on expensive maintenance or repairs. And when it comes to such an important safety feature and complex system, you should only entrust your brake system repair and inspection to proven experts, like the factory trained and certified Honda technicians at Vern Eide Honda in Sioux City.

As your Honda dealer in Sioux City, we’ll stop short of nothing to make sure you can stop for anything. Our certified professionals will match your car to the right brake pads that are designed and engineered for your new Honda. We also service used cars, trucks and SUVs in Sioux City and surrounding areas.

Your brakes don’t keep you safe, they keep everyone else on the road safe as well. When you start hearing that high-pitch screech, come down to our Honda service center for an inspection. Vern Eide Honda in Sioux City is here to help you make sure your brakes are working and that there is enough of your brake pad left to be deemed safe to drive with. Brakes are designed to slowly wear out over time so regular inspections are important. Also, over time, your rotors can warp or develop imperfections that prevent the pads from having a smooth surface to clamp on to. This can cause abnormal noises and also stuttering or shimmying when braking. It’s so important to visit our dealership in Sioux City where an expert mechanic can perform a thorough inspection and complete any needed maintenance or repairs.

Maintaining your brake system is also important, and having your brake fluid exchanged with fresh brake fluid ensures proper hydraulic functioning of your system. Your vehicle benefits by having healthier components and effective stopping power. Ask one of our staff about when your factory recommended brake fluid exchange should take place for your vehicle. Without a state of the art facility and technology, the trained technicians at Vern Honda in Sioux City can perform the job necessary to keep your vehicle safe.

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