2020 Honda Civic

Honda Cars Safety Features | Honda Safety Technology

Honda cars are very well known for reliability and safety features. This outstanding reputation comes from years of commitment from Honda engineers to providing the best vehicles to keep you safe. The Honda Civic safety rating, Honda Accord safety ratings & awards don’t hurt either! Both Honda cars have been named IIHS Top Safety Pick winners multiple times. One of the main reasons is due to Honda Sensing© technology available in Honda cars for sale. This suite of technologies improves driver awareness, helps prevents collisions, and much more.

Innovative features such as Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure continue to help keep Honda cars safe. ACE™ works to direct crash-force energy away from people in the car in case of a collision. ACE™ Body Structure is Honda’s safety structure technology redirects the force along the sides, bottom, and top of your Honda to save you from absorbing the concentrated energy, keeping you as safe as possible.

As mentioned above, the centerpiece of keeping vehicles like the Honda Civic or Honda Accord safe is Honda Sensing©. By using cameras and sensors to detect potential collisions, this suite of advanced technology is truly remarkable. One of many examples is The Lane Keeping Assist System. If the system detects the vehicle drifting from the center of the lane, it will gently apply steering torque to guide the car back to the middle. Many other examples of how Honda keeps you safe on the road can be found here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Honda Sensing® Safety Suite, visit our Honda dealership near Omaha. Our team can help you understand what Honda does to ensure you and your family are safe on the roads.

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