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Spring is here and that means the harsh winter is going away! It also means your vehicle needs to be ready for warmer weather and there is no better way than a spring “cleaning” of your Honda. At Vern Eide Honda in Sioux City, our trained and certified service professionals created a list of questions and considerations to help your vehicle perform at it’s best now that the seasons are shifting and spring is here. To begin, we provide a list of questions and follow up with the reason why each is important.

  • Have you checked your battery?
  • When was the last oil change?
  • Have you checked your tire pressure?
  • How are your windshield wipers working?
  • Are your lights working as they should?
  • Does your air conditioning work?
  • When was the last time you ran your vehicle through a car wash?
  • Are you brake pads working properly?


Lower temperatures force the battery to work harder than normal. Now weather temperatures warm-up and that causes important chemicals to evaporate and speed up corrosion. Don’t get stuck with a car that won’t start!

Oil Change

We provide a handful of oil change services at our Honda service center so you can keep your vehicle safe on the road. The year, make, and model of your vehicle will typically determine how often, or the interval, you should change your oil. If the last time you checked your oil was before winter it’s time to make sure you’re good for spring conditions.

Tire Pressure

Fluctuations in temperature and Midwest winter roads (think ice and snow) have a tendency to also cause fluctuations in tire pressure. When the temps get low it impacts the tire pressure or PSI (pound per square inch). Considering how important tires are for your vehicle, like handling and traction, we recommend looking at tire pressure and the tire tread.

Windshield Wipers

Now that spring has sprung, we should get ready for the strong possibility of rain. We know many parts of your vehicle have to work harder during winter months and windshield wipers are no different. Get ahead of the changing seasons by checking the windshield wiper fluid to avoid smears and smudges. Smeary, streaky windshields can indicate worn-down wiper blades, blades that are the wrong size, or the need to replace your wiper fluid.

Light Bulb Inspection

After driving through the ice and snow around Sioux City, it’s possible your lights are dirty. It could be that they are ready to be inspected due to being older or dim. Our team can review your light bulbs so you can enjoy driving and have confidence during nighttime driving.

Air Conditioning

The worst time to realize you need A/C is when you actually need it! Spring is here which opens up the possibility of needing your air conditioning. Don’t fret about whether or not you’re going to suffer through hot and humid weather!

Car Wash

One of the most often forgotten safety precautions for maintaining your vehicle is a regular car wash. In Sioux City, winter often means salt on the roads to melt snow. If salt is stuck on the undercarriage it can lead to rust. A spring car wash might be just what you need to avoid serious damage to your vehicle.

Brake Inspection

Squeaking brakes are a bad sign. If you need to apply more pressure on the pedal, another bad sign. Don’t risk running into another car or something else! We strongly recommend bringing your vehicle in for a brake inspection, another service our trained service technicians can help with.

Maintaining the value, longevity, and performance of your vehicle depends on two main variables -- choosing a service department capable of performing top-notch services, and consistently scheduling your vehicle’s seasonal and routine maintenance appointments. Our certified and experienced service technicians are here to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair everything from tire inspections, brake inspections, oil changes and much more. You can stop by our location at 4625 Singing Hills Blvd, Sioux City, IA, 51106. If you prefer to call our number is (712) 587-9140. We also offer online service scheduling for maximum convenience.

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