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What is the Vehicle Xchange Program?

Here at Vern Eide, we noticed our customers love having the latest and greatest when it comes to the newest technology and safety features. We truly care about our clients overall driving experience, so we are in an unique position to customize your upgrade to match you needs, wants and foremost, your budget. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you upgrade to latest and greatest with the Vehicle Xchange Program.

Become Eligible?

You don't have to be our customer to be eligible, but being one allows us to notify you much sooner when you are eligible. Not every customer is eligible on day one, but let us take a look and we can develop a game plan to help get you there as quickly as possible!

What is the benefit?

On top of experiencing the latest and greatest in our technology and safety options, our Vehicle Xchange Customers tend to fly through the new vehicle purchase process. Often they are in and out with their new vehicle in under an hour! Talk about Fast, Fun, and Easy!

 So what are you waiting for? Let us check if you are eligible for an upgrade today!

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