Honda Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

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What is Traffic Sign Recognition?

Most Iowa drivers have experienced a case of lead foot driving down I-29, U.S. Highway 75, Iowa Highway 60 expressway, and other roads in the Sioux City area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a subtle reminder of the speed limit? Possibly avoid an unnecessary traffic ticket? Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) from the Honda Sensing® suite can actually detect posted speed limit signs on certain roadways and notify the driver. Join Vern Eide Honda Sioux City as our staff explains how Traffic Sign Recognition works and which Honda models have TSR.

How does Traffic Sign Recognition work?

So how does Honda’s driver-assist feature work? The Traffic Sign Recognition system utilizes a small, forward-facing camera to detect posted speed limits and display the traffic sign information on your vehicle’s Driver Information Interface and Head-Up Display (if equipped). Like any piece of driver-assist technology, TSR does have its limitations and it’s important not to rely solely on this system for traffic sign information. Not all traffic signs will be displayed due to factors such as your vehicle, environmental conditions, and the country you’re driving in.

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Which Honda models have Traffic Sign Recognition?

While nearly all new Honda vehicles are standard equipped with the Honda Sensing suite, Traffic Sign Recognition is only available on certain Honda models. Continue reading to find out which Honda vehicles have TSR.

Honda Accord with Traffic Sign Recognition

Accord with Traffic Sign Recognition

All new Accord and Accord Hybrid cars come standard with TSR at every trim level.

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Honda Insight with Traffic Sign Recognition

Insight with Traffic Sign Recognition

All new Honda Insight models are equipped with TSR.

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Honda Odyssey with Traffic Sign Recognition

Odyssey with Traffic Sign Recognition

From LX to Elite, each and every new Odyssey is outfitted with TSR.

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* TSR cannot detect all traffic signs, may misidentify certain signs and does not include any braking or speed control functions. Accuracy will vary based on weather and other factors. System operation affected by extreme interior heat. Driver remains responsible for complying with all traffic regulations.

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