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What is Honda Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow?

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What makes Honda cars some of the best family cars on Iowa roadways today? It’s intelligent safety technology like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow, a feature included in the Honda Sensing® suite. Not only will ACC keep a safe distance between your Honda and the detected vehicles ahead of you during highway cruising, but ACC can also slow and/or stop your Honda if the detected vehicle in front of you slows to a stop. Ride along with Vern Eide Honda Sioux City as we explore how to use Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow.

How do I use my Honda Adaptive Cruise Control?

Whether you’re taking a road trip across the Hawkeye State or across the United States, ACC is designed to make freeway driving easier. The system allows you to maintain a constant cruising speed, set the following interval between you and detected vehicles ahead of you, and even help stop your Honda if the vehicles in front of you come to a stop.

How do I turn on Adaptive Cruise Control in my Honda?

Follow the steps below to turn on your Adaptive Cruise Control:

  1. Press the MAIN button on your steering wheel.
  2. ACC will appear in the instrument panel, along with LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist).
  3. Your cruise speed can be set while driving below 25 MPH or even while the vehicle is stopped with your foot on the brake pedal.
  4. Press the SET/- button on your steering wheel.
  5. The system will set the cruise speed to 25 MPH, by default.
  6. To set the cruise speed for more than 25 MPH just press the SET/- button again when you’ve reached your desired speed.

The instrument panel will display your set speed along with a vehicle icon that has up to four bars behind it to indicate the interval or distance setting between you and the detected vehicles ahead.

Honda Adaptive Cruise Control Dashboard Icon

How do I adjust the Honda Adaptive Cruise Control distance settings?

Honda ACC has four different distance settings to choose from, including Short, Middle, Long, and Extra Long. To adjust your distance setting simply press the interval button (vehicle with four bars) on your steering wheel until the desired interval has been set. The ACC icon in the instrument panel will display your interval setting with the number of bars representing the distance.

Which Honda models have Adaptive Cruise Control?

While nearly every 2020 or newer Honda model comes standard equipped with Honda Sensing and Adaptive Cruise Control, vehicles such as the Fit, HR-V, and Ridgeline can all be outfitted with ACC with trim level upgrades.


Honda Accord with ACC

Honda Accord with Adaptive Cruise Control

From LX to Touring, every 2021 Accord has standard ACC.

Honda Civic with ACC

Honda Civic with Adaptive Cruise Control

All 2021 Civic Sedans come standard equipped with ACC.

Honda Insight with ACC

Honda Insight with Adaptive Cruise Control

All 2021 Insight trim levels come standard with ACC.

Honda CR-V with ACC

Honda CR-V with Adaptive Cruise Control

Every 2021 CR-V model has ACC.

Honda Odyssey with ACC

Honda Odyssey with Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC comes standard on every 2022 Odyssey.

Honda Pilot with ACC

Honda Pilot with Adaptive Cruise Control

From LX to the Black Edition, all 2021 Pilot trims have ACC.

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